Chrome Dev Summit

Working with the Google Chrome team to execute their yearly developer summit, we looked to add some humanity to the all virtual event. By highlighting a “WiP” aesthetic, we created a fun and engaging brand system.


Creative Direction


Peter Van Straten
Misha Townsand

Brand system
Social media

For the 2021 brand, we chose to highlight the playful energy embedded in the Google Chrome community.  By leaning into a paper-cut like collage,  we established a bright and lively brand mark.  This balanced with detailed linework allowed us to tell rich stories with the illustrations while maintaining a playful abstractness.

This illustration and animation style allowed us to inject a playful energy into assets and communticions thought the event.

Extending this style into the technical sessions, we were able to simply brand a diverse set of content for a cohesive final output.

Brooklyn, NY